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Last show this, last show that…

Click the link to hear us play our most recent show at the Foodchain Real to Reel thingy at Perth traino.



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Out April 16 in Australia/April 29 rest of the world on RIP Society Records.


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Maximum Rocknroll #327, Distort #31 and recent issue of Blunt Magazine.

Big deal.

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Two great things happening this month:

1. Golden Staph LP gets sent to the pressing plant

2. I get to see Destino Final

So far…

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29/11/09 – Love of Diagrams, Umpire, smRts @ Mojo’s, Fremantle WA
6/12/09 – Kill Whitey, Grim Fandango, Helta Skelta, Sex Panther @ 208, Maylands WA
11/12/09 – Taco Leg, Wind Waker, Closer Encounters @ Chelsea’s Party, North Perth WA
31/12/09 – Raw Nerve, Cal Peck & The Tramps, Mongrel Country, Fear of Comedy, Mile End, The Painkillers, Tomas Ford, Bible Bashers, Trevallys, Surprise Sex Attack, Scum of the Earth, Frozen Ocean @ the Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth WA
21/01/10 – Taco Leg, Wind Waker, Craig McElhinney @ Seizan Karaoke Bar, Perth WA
6/02/10 – Cult Minds, Suffer, Taco Leg, Gozu @ Swan Basement, Fremantle WA
14/02/10 – Astral Travel, Taco Leg, Bermuda, Helta Skelta, Desperate House @ 208, Maylands WA
17/02/10 – Taco Leg, Dud Pills, No Action @ The Hotel Metropolitan, Adelaide SA
18/02/10 – UV Race, Taco Leg, Constant Mongrel @ The Pony, Melbourne VIC
19/02/10 – Late Arvo Sons, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Taco Leg @ The Birmingham Hotel, Fitzroy VIC
20/02/10 – Whores, None Music, Taco Leg, Nevada Strange @ Rose St, Chippendale NSW
21/02/10 – Whores, Piss Party @ Locksmith Gallery, Alexandria NSW
4/03/10 – Craig McElhinney & Chris Cobilis, Silver Bulletin, Jane Harris @ The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth WA
11/03/10 – 6s & 7s, Sonny Roofs, Triangles, Li’l Leonie Lionheart @ The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth WA
14/03/10 – Extortion, Craig McElhinney, Drowning Horse, Sensory Amusia @ 208, Maylands WA
18/03/10 – Super Wild Horses, Josh Fontaine @ The Bird, Northbridge WA
23/05/10 – Taco Leg, Helta Skelta, Droning Horse, Royal Vomit @ 208, Maylands WA
12/06/10 – The Trevallys @ Dada Records, Perth WA
12/06/10 – Constant Mongrel, Taco Leg, Windwaker @ Dream Studios, Leederville WA
4/07/10 – Batrider, Electric Gooch @ Norfolk Basement, Fremantle WA
14/07/10 – Drowning Horse, Bamodi, Splendid Friends @ Seizan Karaoke Bar, Perth WA
16/07/10 – UV Race, Gold Tango, Interzone @ John Curtin Band Room, Carlton VIC
17/07/10 – Royal Headache, Zond, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys @ Northcote Social Club, Northcote VIC
18/07/10 – Woollen Kits, School of Radiant Living @ Yah Yah’s, Collingwood VIC
22/07/10 – Peewee @ Oxford Arts Factory, Darlinghurst NSW
24/07/10 – Super Wild Horses, Dead Farmers, Straight Arrows @ The Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills NSW
25/07/10 – Super Wild Horses @ Repressed Records, Newtown NSW
30/07/10 – Grim Fandango, Bermuda @ Beat Route Records, Perth WA


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Tour cassette. Limited to 77 copies (in keeping with the 77 punk tribute cover art), hand numbered. SOLD OUT.

We’re not going to make anymore of these so download the A side here: A – Old Adage.

The B side is a butchering of a Lost Sounds song (RIP JAY!) recorded live at a show in January. Steal a tape off someone if you really want to hear it or look it up on Reel Muzak blog.

Just got home from Melbourne and Sydney. Played sick gigs with a million ripping bands. Props to every single fucker we played with – Interzone, Gold Tango, UV Race, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Zond, Royal Headache, School of Radiant Living, Woollen Kits, Peewee, Straight Arrows, Dead Farmers and Super Wild Horses. Big wristies to Nic Warnock, Chris at Repressed and Al/Dan UV for putting us on these shows and to all gear/couch/floor lenders.

Last show for ages at Beat Route Records this Friday night. Like, really ages. It will be such a killer. Grim Fandango will fill you with more NRG than the massive can of Red Bull Clare just drank. Bermuda will have more of a just-smoked-a-cig-and-got-a-bit-of-a-headspin effect. Our band will hopefully do a good job. Flyer in the post below this one.

Beat Route Records

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Last show (ever?) before another hiatus. This time it’s me whose leaving the country for awhile.

Constructive criticism

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Courtesy Tom, Woollen Kits:

Subject: The name “Golden Staph”

Hi Tom,

I noticed your event invite at Yah Yah’s and just wanted to drop you a line. I am a PBS 106.7 FM DJ and regularly DJ at Yah Yah’s. I am sure you have the best intentions for your band and music in general, however you should be aware that the name you have selected for your band may not aid in its promotion.

Golden Staph is a serious infection and whilst I am sure you have no intention of making light of a serious disease, some may find use of that name in poor taste.

Just my two cents. All the best for your gig and trip to Melbourne. I attach a link as well –

Kind regards,

Speaking of…

Scroll down three posts to see posters for the rest of the tour.